Wednesday, August 25, 2010

another jellyfish...

another great jelly day ....

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  1. Hei taas!! :D
    I am really into this again. (I never actually stopped being into it :p , but I am more so than I have ever been before!) Too bad I don't have a nearby hat for you to throw a few pennies into! :p I've literally been picking pennies up off of the ground. I found two in an empty locker yesterday, that's how dedicated I am haha. Two more cents closer to Suomi in December!! :)
    I'm glad I am back too. Hopefully I will be here for good now!
    That is so exciting that you guys have been together for so long :) what did you do to celebrate?? You better have taken her out! She deserves it :) My grandma is definitely willing. She is almost as excited about it as I am! She is all for me going to Finland for school, as well as going ahead of time with my aunt in December so I can get a feel for the country as well as talk with the universities about what I need to do to make sure everything is in order for me to attend. Not to mention, finally getting to see the beautiful country of Finland for the first time :D !!! However, she and my grandpa are both retired so basically I am just hoping my parents will give me an early $100 Christmas present or something at the most haha. Otherwise, I'm on my own with picking up cans and pennies! Ha! I tried to get a job at Fresh & Easy (you live in CA I'm pretty sure so you might know of it?) but my "schedule isn't open enough" so they didn't want me after that :/ AFTER I had already went through the interview and been told I got the job. Sorry for the life story by the way. I need someone to complain to :p

    And ohhhh no way?! Is that a webcam of the heated street?? Or am I just confusing it with something else :p Thank you for that! I'm going to check that out every day now :)

    Kiitos! Write again soon!