Sunday, February 21, 2010


Antlers and a safety pin; high atop the Met in NYNY on a clear day one could almost see the pile of antlers in Keystone, South Dakota, in the Black Hills, off the Badlands. The "Badlands"; what an unfortunate name is that? Apparently it was NOT a "goodland" to the many original owners of the antlers.  The Safety Pin points a direct line to Keystone, and I'm certain many of those looking out Westward are perplexed as to where the antler wagon goes next: I know I was.
There is just something secure about the term "safety-pin." Hurry, let's all gather together under the "safety" pin, ah, yes, now I am relieved AND I feel so safe. It is good to have this so handy. Maybe more can be erected around the country, so we can all have the comfort of safety..... perhaps they should be placed around the entire globe. Maybe the elks would still have their antlers if they only could gather in safety..........

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