Saturday, February 13, 2010


That's not always a bad thing. "Head in the clouds" is a contemplative state, an opportunity to let the mind 'air-out' as it were. It gives me the option of a new perspective, like a far-away mirror. Clouds so easily connect with other clouds, for me it is like connections are made that I have not conceived of, prior. Clouds are a great place to find the necessary relativity.


  1. Oh yes i agree with you. I can stare at the clouds for a long time. I love the colours in these drawings a lot. And i love the second drawing as if you look thru a hole into another world. I hope you understand what i mean haha.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

    Sweet greetz, Momo Luna

  2. Momo Luna, I'm glad you like clouds too, as I look around my house I notice at least 6 cloud paintings on the walls. That way I always have a view of clouds in any direction.